My name is Jose


As some of you may know, I am Jose, owner of The Bug Hub.

I wanted to put a name on any email or messages you receive. I am 47 and have 6 children, 3 older girls who live outside of the home and 3 younger, twin boys and a younger daughter.

By trade, I am a systems engineer but since covid started I was limited by companies I would work for so I do support a few but I was able to start The Bug Hub. Animals have always been my first love and to be able to do some of what I love has been such a joy.

My plan is to continue doing what I love and provide isopods and related products. I have bigger plans for The Bug Hub and I thank you for joining me on this adventure.

Thank you.

Jose Avila


Posted By Ari Bertine

Good to meet you and learn a bit about you!

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Owner of The Bug Hub
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