Shipping Delay Update 2-26-22

Earlier yesterday 2-25-22, a communication was emailed to all explaining that we had commenced shipping earlier this week and almost immediately, orders were experiencing delays, some orders were stuck in Chicago for 2 days, this is not good. Luckily, there were only a few DOA’s. We do not like the feeling of giving false hope so we decided to hold all remaining orders until the middle to late March, temps should be better, and the survival rate would increase even if there were delays. As much as we understand you, the customer wanting your order, we feel we are doing what is best.


We have had a few customers contact us asking for updates and as much as we try to reach everyone, we know some will slip between the cracks for one reason or another. We understand the frustration and impatience it may bring. Because of this, we are leaving the decision up to you. Know that we do not recommend your order to ship right now but with some of the emails we have received, we feel this is an option but please know the company we use to ship is not extending any insurance to us because of the current and unfavorable shipping conditions, because of this we also, cannot extend our LAG policy if your order were to arrive DOA. Please fill out the form found at the link below whether you would like us to ship or like us to hold.

We try to take every variable into consideration and sometimes it is simply not doable.
Thank you again for your support and patience.